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The Group RPs

* = I like the comm
** = I enjoy the comm
*** = the comm is fun
**** = best comm and creative and loveeee it!

piece_of_metal[Xander/?] ****
(Distraught Human)

Season 6: Xander loses his two best friends when Warren's bullet hits Buffy and then Willow, killing them both and leaving Tara in a coma. Xander is being held captive by Warren, Andrew and a newly joined (and vengeful) Anya.

_we_happy_few_[Xander/Nikki] ***
(Watcher Human)

Post Series: Xander is shacked up in the Hyperion along with the other Sunnydalers and is currently planning lessons for incoming Slayers. But a sudden phone call has just dubbed him Watcher of Cordy's cousin Nikki.

(Misfit Season 2 Xander)

Season 2: AU starting from right before Buffy arrives back from L.A. As Xander contemplates feelings for Willow, new feelings arise for Amy.

One on One RPs

(Hollow Human)

Post Series: Xander confronts Andrew about what really happened to Anya.

(Lovestruck Human)

Season 3: AU right from the start, Xander tracks Buffy down in L.A. and stays by her side as she works through her feelings. In the midst of all of it...Buffy and Xander get closer and actually begin to fall in love while Buffy tries to avoid her Slayer duties but somehow they keep coming at her.

(Geeky and Gay-ish Human)

Season 6: Spun from an AU community, Warren and Xander confront their realfeelings about each other...one of Xander's being rage and Warren's being regret. But when a weird moment causes Xander to question himself awkwardness reigns as they try to decide to do anything about it.

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