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[icon] It's only funny until someone loses an eyeball, then hey! free eyeball!
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Time:07:23 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I combed the last strand of hair back and looked into the mirror. Oh, Xander you are fine! I smiled and returned my comb to my pocket of my expensive but stylish jeans. Thank God my drunker then thou parents give me money.I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and headed out to meet Buffy at the Caf. Well, in the court yard.

I opened the door to find Larry and his minions standing there waiting. "What?" I asked. Larry grabbed the bottom of my shirt and looked at it. Then he looked to his other friends and they all laughed.

"Trying out as a Las Vegas showgirl Xand?" This was not amusing me. It was boring me and it was patronizing!

"Larry," I said. "Just because you can't comprehend good fasion is a redbutton down and jeans and just because you can't afford it doesn't mean you should ridicule me. Maybe you can talk to your mom about your..." I snickered, couldn't help it. "If you can even call it a wardrobe."

I laughed and walked off as Larry fumed. I went through the arches, now satisfied with humiliating Larry, and hadn't seen Buffy yet. Maybe she was still in class. Right, like she ever goes to class. Oh, she's probabally somewhere mourning her relationship with Angel, he was so bad for her!

I sat on one of the picnic tables and got out a twinky. Some things would never change. Like my love for twinkies. I smiled and bit into it. God, it tasted good. These were made by God himself. I sighed and took my bag off, taking out my books and begginning to do my History homework I had gotten.

[[Open for anyone who's court yarding during lunch]]
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Time:02:11 pm
Current Mood:predatorypredatory
I stood up from the chair and turned from Dawn, my decision made. "Dawn..." How would I tell her I was out for revenge? "Dawn..." I mean it's hard enough to keep her still and non-vengeful..."Look, I have to go to the morgue wing and then home to get Buffy's things...for the funeral arrangements. Coroner and all." Great, lie to Dawn, why don't you. "Tara will be out of surgery soon. That doctor actually said she'd be fine." I hugged Dawn. "I'll be back."

I walked off. When I'd be back? I didn't know. I just knew that it would be when Warren got what he deserved. I walked out of the hospital and into the sunshine. It shouldn't be sunny. It really just shouldn't. Buffy and Willow are dead...the orld doesn't deserve the sun. I walked off, still in my now blood stained shirt and reached Buffy's house. Part of me wanted to check the backyard, see if that blood puddle was still there, see if Buffy was still there.

But I ignored that urge and went in the front. He'd be going down if I could help it. I reached the wooden chest I had made Buffy for her birthday. The weapons still sat, untouched even though Buffy wasn't here. I got out an axe, and a crossbow. Grabbed one of the rags, and tried polishing the axe a little. The only blood I wanted on this axe, was Warren's. After cleaning it, I set it down and headed upstairs. Searching for that piece of paper Buffy had with Warren's adress on it. Sure enough, on Buffy's night stand it was there, sitting...all innocent and paper-like.

I left at once with the weapons in the bag so as not to alert walking pedestrians of a psychotic with an axe and crossbow. I reached the adress and crumpled up the paper throwing it to the ground. I was really here, and I was really going to do this. Fuck him! Fuck him and his mysogenistic homicidal self. I unzipped the bag, and took out the axe.

A ring of the doorbell and-

[[Open for all at Warren's]]
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Time:11:18 pm
Current Mood:drunkhungover
My eyes opened to the brown ceiling of my less then luxurious room in the hyperion. I rubbed them with one hand and then the pounding started. The pulse pounding in my head...Ow. And I remember. Alcohol, and alot of it. And then sparring with...the guy and losing badly. And then throwing up and carried and black. And now hangover city. I sat up and grabbed a glass of water by my bed...he was more thoughtful then he was when he was pounding me into pulp-Xand. And not the stylish yet cult classic by my man Tarantino. The OJ type pulp.

I sighed and sat over the edge of the bed alot more aware of the...color of my room. Red. Had it always been so...red? I frowned and decided today would be stay in and paint day...but to first get the paint. I pulled on a blue t-shirt and blue jeans and then my work boots. I then trudged down the stairs and past the lobby out into L.A. Which way...was the place where I got Dawn and Nikki's room supplies? Ah yeah! Hardy's...yup Hardy's hardware hard to believe only I can hit the cheesiest places in L.A. From the Espresso Jump to Hardy's Hardware.

I bought some brown and grey paint, paid ironically...Hardy and headed back. Trudged back up the same stairs and entered the room. Dropped the paint cans, opened em up and moved the furniture to the middle of the room. Taped the sides and got to work. First, started with the brown, mahogany tree bark-ish but on the can: Off Wood. Off Wood? I read the label and contemplaed the color...too bad it hurt to think today. I disimissed it and started at it. In an hour of nothing but painting one whole wall was now brown. Yay me. I sighed and sat on the bed.

My phone rang so I laid back and picked it up. "Yello?" Te man on the other line I didn't recognize and his voice boomed inside my mind. I groaned as the voice boomed on. "Yeah, this is Xander and can you quiet down? You're like a fricking load speaker...like Oz's hound dog." Like I knew anything about what I was talking about. Despite my reqest he continued booming on. "Man...stuffy british guy...gbet to the point. I have hangover and I'm painting my room." I dropped the phone at the next few words.

"Xander, you've been requested by Rupert Giles to become a Watcher."

[[Open to anyone wanting to get Xander out of a haze...door's open!]]
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Time:11:16 pm
Current Mood:amusedproud
I sat the first couple down at...it had to be 8. They ate, they left. I sat the next ccouple at about 9. Seemed to be the reguars came in first but then the crowds. 10, 11 a clock and mass amounts of people plowing through the door. I stood at my podium writing down table arrangements, well Ia ssupposed to be. I was supposed to be numbering them and saying how any are at each or can fit at each but I was too busy writing Buffy all over the paper. God, I couldn't get her out of my head and I couldn't wait any longer for break.

I sat a few more and a few more and Buffy took a few more orders and then I witnessed it. One of the reasons why she didn't want me to see this. Buffy was talking to this man, this middle aged fat man He must've come in everyday because she knew him by name and him, by hers. She walked away and he slapped her ass. My fists clenched as I waited for Buffy the Vampire Slayer to emerge and kick this guys ass but only one lone tear went down her cheek as she walked away. Where had Buffy gone?

I wanted to confront her now...why didn't she stand up to him? Well, I was going to do something. I walked over to Bubba's table. Bubba, wow what a fatty name, and stood in front. Bubba stopped laughing with his friends. "Yes?" I frowned down at him.

"Sir, here at this establishment we treat our waitresses like we would treat our girlfiends Bubba. Nicely, and politely and that does not involve slapping their asses."

"Got a problem with my treatment bud?" Gulping time.

"Yes.You don't slap B...Anne's ass or anyone else's from now on or ... you will be banned from the store. And I can ban you. I'm head host." Well, only host. Bubba looked at me, stoic and unreadable then got up and stood in front of me, face coming up to my neck looking up. His breath smelled of Tuna melt and he huffed.

"Let's go guys." I continued looking straight ahead as Bubba and his two friends left. Wow! I had just defended Buffy without her help and...well that was just it. Originally she really could've...that was the old her. This...this was the new her. I smiled as the clock hit 12.

"I'm on break Mitch." I said as I walked passed. He nodded and took over. I walked through the kitched and out the back door, taking off my apron and setting it down on the crate next to the doorway. I leaned back and closed my eyes waiting for Buffy.
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Time:03:14 pm
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic and dead inside
I stared out the window across the vast desert wondering in which direction Anya's body was. It'd probabally be under rubble. And in the middle of a massive crater. It'd still have her clothes on. Her grey jacket over the purple shirt. It might have a slash across her back or somewhere on her body. It's not like Andrew would tell me. He's too comatose and in "Why didn't I die?" mode.

But Anya. She was the dead one and to tell you the truth. It didn't seem fair. She fought for her redemption no matter how sarcastic that redemption was and Andrew. He formed a trio against Buffy, tried to kill her numerous times, killed his best friend and then he closes a seal with his tears and he's the hero of the hour, then. Now, he's just the whimper of the hour.

I didn't cry. I didn't move. No, that would take too much energy. And now Anya no longer has that energy. And Andrew, Andrew has all he needs. He can live to the ripe old age of 102. But Anya, she's gone and I think I just admitted it, actually using her name. And now I have to cry. Have to let those feelings leak through because, because Anya is gone and I can't do anything about it! I can't rewind time, I can't pick a different partner. I can't die for her.

But she died for him. Man, she was noble. Accidentally noble but technicalities counted in my book, in this special case. The bus lurched along the desert high way as we all sat, deep in thought. Deep in nostalgia, regret, loss, hope. Me I was knee deep in loss of direction. Where do I go from here? I loved Anya and I thought if we both lived through this we might've been able to work it out. But, no. She's gone and she left me here, alone.

With friends who have relatives or lovers and other friends. I don't have a sister. I don't have a girlfriend and now I don't even have an ex-girlfriend. My family evacuated Sunnydale, didn't even say goodbye. I have no fucking idea where they are. Probabally getting boozed up. Thinking there only son died in the crater. Or got out to some other place. And maybe they care but they never really agknowledged that care. Not one bit.

Andrew's whimpers had ceased leaving only silence. I'm sure the tears were still there, maybe he was tired of making noise. But whenever we get there, whererever "there" is going to be he's going to tell me what happened. And he won't make it easy or say one sentence. He'll be vivid and detailed, and he'll confirm her death.

He'll confirm my death, inside.
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Time:02:19 pm
Current Mood:amusedfree
I left Angel's office content to leave the two alone while I checked out my new car. Ok, used car but a not-stolen real car. I walked down the hallway back past Harmony's now vacant desk and caught the elevator. I stood there looking slacker-ish around the lawyer-types. Then headed down to Buffy's office to wait for her there. Didn't really need to check the car out anyway. I wasn't starting work til tomorrow so I had a free day.

I didn't have to be anywhere, so I was here. I reached her office and walked inside. It was nice, smaller then Angel's with a nice veiw. She had a picture of her and Dawn on the desk and also of the one with all of us from Junior year. I smiled as I saw a row of newly sharpened pencils across her desk. She must've been bored with no paperwork.

I plopped myself down in the chair and saw a remote on the counter. Could it be? I picked it up, scanned the almost futuristic buttonage and finally fund power. Suddenly, the whole, and I mean whole right wall was a t.v. screen. Wow, Buffy was lucky. In my new job I'll have students and I'll have to teach them. Again, scanning the remote I found paper veiw and saw some movies that weren't even out yet! I smiled but realized it cost. I could wait.

I settled on iron chef ad sea urchins. Besides, Buffy would be back soon. Soon enough.

[Tag to Buffy whenever she returns]
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Time:02:16 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
I flipped the channel to the local news. The weather man said we'd have 80 degees and sunny today. Yup, another sunny day in L.A. I sighed and put the tv on mute. Then I turned on the stereo which emmitted smooth jazz. Much better then sunny days. Where'd he think L.A. was? Sesame Street!? I looked back at the tv and the scene ha switched to the 5 day forecast. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. And guess what? Some more sun! This weather was really bringing me down.

Not only was Anya gone but L.A. had no sense of decency to rain or storm. Life just went on, like it always did: in the sun. I went to the window and pulled the drapes open. Good ol L.A. sun! And Anya wasn't here to witness it. I was only here because Buffy needed me. Or at least wanted me. I even tried to look up Cordy but couldn't find her.

I sat back down on the couch as a little Louis Armstrong played on the stereo. I looked at the small glass table where my uneaten breakfast sat. Eggs, sunny side up. I shook my head and turned off the stereo.

Time to stop being pathetic and to live through life, or time to complain to Buffy. I walked down the stairs one flight to her room. 314. Ironic and foreboding.

"Buffy?" I knocked once and then used the key card she had given me in case there was trouble and with me being the Slayer's friend trouble seemed to find me.
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Time:09:01 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
My eyes opened for the millionth time that afternoon. This whole getting rest thing wasn't working. Everytime I closed my eyes the first slayer attacked me. Everytime I opened them the first slayer was lurking. Damn that spirited hag! Now, because of her I'm getting loads of non-sleep! I yawned and got up, getting dressed for the second time that day. I get it...get out of the basement Xand. That's what's plaguing you. The basement jitters.

I got my keys and locked my door. Up the stairs and into sun light. Into the day...away from my basement. I sighed and walked away getting into my car. Bye bye house...at least for a few hours. I drove for only a few blocks before hitting familiar ex-watcher territory. I turned off the ignition on the curb and got out. Maybe G-man could help.

After yawning once again I reached his door and knocked. The door opened and lo and behold...I yawned.

I walked by him into his actually well cleaned house. "Look, Giles I can't sleep and this first Slayer is just hanging around!"

I sat on his couch and looked up. "Is there anything in your books about after effects like INSANITY!?"

I laid back tired as hell and not in my basement. A little easier to keep them closed though. it surely wasn't my basement.

[[Tag to G-man]]
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Time:08:56 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
I sighed as I hung up the phone and turned back to Dawn. "I got his answering machine." I walked her back to the main waiting area and stood there. I circled around getting frustrated. "Damnit Giles! What a time to be having tea and crumpets." I rolled my eyes and rubbed my hands in my hair. We had been there all night. It was midnight and we were still here in the waiting room. I hadn't done serious 24/7 hospital time since Buffy was in there for the flu back in high school.

I leaned against the back wall and looked at Dawn. At the disbelief and hate in her eyes. I could see how much she wanted Warren dead and well, even though I hated to admit it. I did too. I wanted Warren to be beaten until he couldn't speak and then dragged across spikes. Rows and rows of soon to be bloodied spikes.

Next, they could just toss him into a brick wall. By then he would be dead and by then he would've paid for their deaths. Wait, can't think like this. Tara isn't dead yet. But Willow and Buffy are and he will pay for that!

I leaned into the wall more and slid down so my feet held my knees up and my head was resting on the wall. Tears stared slowly at first. Never changing pace but they were there. He would pay. I would make sure of it but Dawn...Dawn couldn't do it. I wouldn't let that be on her concsious. Me, I was a grown man. I would be able to live with it. That's it, as soon as Tara's awake...and NOT dead I'd leave Dawn here and go find the little shit head mysoginist.

I will find him, and he will die.

But not right away. There'd have to be torture involved and flames. Blunt objects too. Faith once ran me through the different elements of torture...the genres if you will. Blunt, sharp, hot, cold, and ... what was the third one?

A siren ran off outside and a woman was being wheeled into the emergency room. God damnit that siren was loud...loud. That was it. Sharp, blunt, hot, cold and loud. He'd get it alright.

I turned my gaze to the women in the room Buffy had been in. I wanted to scream out to them and tell them to leave her and work on Tara! But no more innocent lives had to be taken today. I knew that.

I watched as they ripped open her shirt and did something to keep her heart beating or something else life stabilizing. Then a catheter and a breathing machine. And in all that time no doctor ever looked at his watch to mark down the T.O.D. No, this women was alive. Saved because well, fuck it's HER! It's this random women that had to be saved instead of the Slayer!

Wait, the slayer. I looked at Dawn and finally wiped my tears away. Getting up I hobbled my way back to the pay phones not caring if Dawn followed. Buffy wasn't the only slayer out there. She hadn't been for a long time. There was another...

I picked up the phone and got the number for Faith's prison. Maybe, they'd let me talk to her, and maybe they'd give her the notice. But eventually I'd get to her. And she'd help me in the payback of Warren Mears.

"Hello?" I began. "I'm calling to speak with Faith. Yes, this, this is her lawyer." Fuck the truth. I waited by the phone as Dawn came up beside me. I put my finger to my lips as to quiet her down and waited for the other one. The salvaged Slayer.

[[Tagged to Faith and Dawn on the side]]
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Time:10:25 am
Current Mood:boredbored
I sighed at the back of the classroom. Mrs. H was droning on and on...and on about covalent bonds. I really didn't know when I'd ever use covalent bonds in real life so I tuned out. Way out. Cause, in my thoughts I had walked into the library on Juliet training. Wesley was nowhere around. She'd stop. I'd yammer and then she'd drop her weapons and plant one right...there. On my lips. For no reason might I add.

As I imagined my smile growing wider a familiar voice came into it. Juliet backed away and said in a much meaner non-Juliet voice, "Mr. Harris!"

My head sprang up as all my class mates sat back and snickered. Here. Mrs. H was in front of my desk invading my private desk space and she had just interrupted one of the best non-class thoughts of my life! I looked up forgetting about any tone in my voice and snarkily said, "Yes?"

Shit. Damn Xander, should've taken those ettiqute classes then you wouldn't have been stuck here now with detention after school. II sighed as she returned to her droning and then noticed a new girl to my right. She hadn't been there yesterday and she was quite hot.

Class be damned! I held out my hand and said, "Hey, I'm Xander." Another girl, another day, another non-class. I smiled and waited for her extension of hand to intitiate the conversation. But it didn't come. Maybe she didn't understand me. "Uhh...are you from around here?"

[Open to grounded and powerless Anya-student]
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[icon] It's only funny until someone loses an eyeball, then hey! free eyeball!
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